25/01/2019 News

How Total lubricants help drivers in the harshest winter conditions

cars in the snow


While British weather is usually forgiving to drivers, our maritime climate can sometimes catch motorists unawares, leading to traffic chaos, seemingly unending journeys, or worst of all, overnight stays at the roadside.

To help motorists and businesses keep driving through the worst weather, Total has a long list of products designed to cope and tackle the most freezing, treacherous conditions – read on to find out how drivers and fleets can keep going in the darker months.

Engine oil

Total engine lubricants should be motorists’ first port of call when preparing for winter, and there are plenty to choose from.

For everyday drivers, van owners and modern sportscar enthusiasts, TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants protect engine components from friction, corrosion and deposit formation, all while improving performance, both during cold starts and regular driving.

Then there’s the ELF range of high-performance lubricants. ELF HTX, developed specifically for classic cars of all ages, safeguards vintage models by matching their original grades, protecting components and reducing the threat of oil loss. ELF MOTO is TOTAL’s motorcycle lubricant range, developed alongside motorsports partners to provide cleaner performance in all types of motorcycle, from scooters to superbikes – although we caution against biking on icy or snowy days!

Fleet managers and businesses wanting to protect their commercial vehicles during winter can rely on the TOTAL RUBIA lubricant range. Covering HGVs, trucks, lorries, buses and coaches of all sizes, Rubia oils are designed to extend drain intervals; reduce engine wear, deposits and sludge formation; and improve performance – ensuring engines are effective during bad weather.

Coolant and antifreeze

To stop engines in all vehicles from freezing up in cold weather or overheating due to the stresses that ice and snow can bring, Total GLACELF, a concentrated antifreeze, and Coolelf, a pre-mixed coolant. Each product contains a breadth of high-performance additives to protect engines from corrosion, overheating and freezing, are environmentally friendly and have long drain intervals, helping lower maintenance costs further.

Winter driving advice

Choosing the right lubricants and coolants can make a massive difference during winter, but there are many other steps that need to be taken for vehicles to be completely ready for the worst winter can throw at them.

•    Check the vehicle regularly – That includes monitoring screen wash, antifreeze, oil and fuel levels and ensuring that all lights and brakes are in full working order.

•    Check the tyres – Grip is imperative in icy driving conditions, so ensuring proper tyre health is critical. Consider changing to winter tyres, check pressures regularly, and make sure there’s at least 3mm of tread on each tyre.

•    Use antifreeze correctly – Your antifreeze should be changed every two years or 30,000 miles and in winter, should be mixed with water at a 50-50 ratio – when using TOTAL GLACELF -37.

•    Always clear snow and ice before driving – It’s illegal to drive without clear views out of the car, so remove all snow and ice from windscreens, lights and the roof before you depart. Watch out using hot water though, as on frozen windows it can crack the glass.

•    Drive for winter – When starting your car, begin gently in second gear and keep revs low, and keep the vehicle in higher gears when driving for extra control. Drive slowly and give yourself time to steer into corners, rather than accelerating and braking suddenly.

•    Brake safely – When braking, gently pump the brake pedal, easing off sooner than usual. Brake far sooner than usual to take increased stopping distances into account and leave at least a four-second gap between your vehicle and the one in front.

•    Pack an emergency kit – If worst comes to worst, an emergency kit can make overnight stays a lot less uncomfortable and far safer, so consider packing a blanket, gloves, shovel, torch, screen wash, de-icer, snacks and a portable phone charger in the boot.

•    A winter safety check – At the start of winter, consider booking a winter safety check in at your local garage to identify any problems before they become dangerous and expensive headaches.

Winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year out on the roads, but many problems can be completely avoided by simply taking proper care of vehicles. For more information on the products developed by TOTAL to tackle winter conditions, contact our team.